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Peter Renshaw authored this page on 25 October 2005 at 10:44 Hrs.

 Journal #33, reading
 I came across `... In a provocative
 essay entitled The Amorality of Web
 2.0, Nicholas Carr skewers the idealism
 of folks like me and Kevin Kelly, both
 of whom have pointed out the potential
 of Web 2.0 to harness collective
 intelligence. Carr makes some good
 points -- even I am getting worried
 that the Web 2.0 hype is getting out of
 control ? [0] ...`

I noted that Joel Spolsky [1] is also making some valid comments on the concept of Web 2.0. I like to think Joel as a sort of `BS meter`, challenging what is clearly wrong or pointing out what should be corrected as in `Something Rotten in AdSense` [2].

But the irony of the Carr article [3] featured in his blog with user feedback, is that it includes both RSS & Atom feeds, Google Ads and a book order page from Amazon. All very Web 2.0. It is clear that Carr has a reason to shoot holes in IT based business models as he makes a living out of it and is the author of `Does IT matter?` [4].

`... it reminds me of the joke, ``how may Harvard MBA`s does it take to sink a company? And how many does it take to clear up the mess?`` ...`

But clearly Carr uses the same technology he is criticising. Its the distinction between pure and applied that clearly eludes Carr. Web 2.0 is an idea that where applied properly to business problems can improve profit.

There is a place for valid criticism and pointing out the emperor is wearing no clothes. But Web 2 is just an idea and I for one would like to invent my future, choose my destiny, `warts & all`. Rather than wait for someone else - readers of the Harvard Business Review, no doubt to invent then impose & charge for a potentially inferior ideal.


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